Photo: FPC-500B


  1. Closed magnetic circuit probe, excellent performance with resistance to interfere ability.
  2. Based on high speed 32 bit RISC chips at the core of the control and signal processing technology.
  3. Graphical interface based on multi-language with the touch screen technology operation.
  4. Precision metal foreign body positioning technology; Rich custom functions, easy to use.
  5. Each group sensitivity of the probe with independent control and parameter adjustment, can adapt to the complex product testing.
  6. Intelligent report system, can provide a variety of types of report output.
  7. Machine control system adopts the RS – 485 bus technology with isolation, stable and reliable.
  8. Provide machine status based on lattice LED instructions and operation guide technology.
  9. Intelligent learning and overall scanning technology, which can accurately capture and display the location of the broken needles.
  10. Has the capability of hardware system of fault self-diagnosis.
  11. U disk output and the network interconnection ability.
  12. Simple button operation.




  • Detection Method: Magnetic Induction
  • Detection Width:650mm
  • Belt Size:3300mm(L)*620mm(W)
  • Alarm Method:Buzzer、LED lamp、Belt Return
  • Belt Speed:35m/min(50HZ)
  • Power:AC100-240V 50HZ
  • Output:140W
  • Machine Size:1560mm(L)*1120mm(W)*980mm(H)
  • Packing Size:1610mm(L)*1170mm(W)*1020mm(H)
  • Net Weight:237Kg
  • Gross Weight:310kg